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solving problems and connecting obies since 2001...fearlessly?

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This is a community for Obies to advertise upcoming events, locate a ride or a rental, rant about campus and local politics, make friends, or talk about whatever else is on our minds. Pull up a virtual chair and make yourself at home.

Any current Oberlin students, prospective students, or alumni are free to join. No "introduction post" is necessary or desired.

This community is a "drama-free zone". Please leave your angst at the door. We're all friends here, and hopefully, we're all adults. Try to act like it. We do not tolerate flames.

A special note for Prospective Students and Incoming First-Years:
If you have questions that need answering, many of us are happy to help. But in order not to try anyone's patience, please do some proper research and thinking first. Most likely your question has been answered before, and can be found in the Memories section, which is growing all the time. Please pay special attention to the "For Incoming First-Years" and "For Prospective Students" categories. You can also ask questions at a special community made just for this purpose: obie_questions. The Oberlin College website, while antiseptic, also has a lot of information too. All of this is not to be unwelcoming, as most of us do heart prospies (we were all there once), but because the answers to an oft-repeated question tend to be more irritated and less helpful than the ones written the first time it was asked. Finally, check out Oberwiki's Information and Advice for First-Year Students page.

Helpful Links:

OberWiki: an online encyclopedia of Oberlin
The Oberlin Review: the official college newspaper
The Grape: The alternative college newspaper
The Index of Student Organization Web Pages
The Facebook
Oberlin Student Senate

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(Have a community you want listed? Contact the mod.)

The current Oberlin LJ moderator is ahhrrr. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail him.

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